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Hello, I'm Foreman and I like old anime and drawing and books. I also love drawing and history stuff. I try to post mostly original content or stuff that I know will interest my readers.
I study French and Japanese, so I can translate short stuff on request.

Japanese resturants can be tricky. On one hand, sushi bars are plentiful, but have little variety save for the occasional house yakiniku.

After scouring the net for a nice Japanese cafè in London, I stumbled upon ‘Tombo’, which seemed slightly iffy, since the menu was offered as a pdf, and it was fairly central, leading me to suspect an overpriced tourist trap.

Luckily, I was wrong. This resturant was slightly pricey, but the variety and quality of the food made up for it. They had japanese deep-fired chicken and prawn, for instance, along with fresh riceballs(wrapped in case of takeaway), seaweed-edamame salad, and stir-fried vegetables. Lunch cost around 9 pounds, and meant picking rice, curry, or noodles along with a number of meat and vegetables toppings. For dessert, they had a variety of tea-flavoured cakes, along with tea flavoured frappucinos. Of note is the fact that they seem to use actual japanese ‘sushi’ rice, which is fatter in consistancy and works better with chopsticks, as well as being filling in comparison to the portion sizes.


Astonishing anime headline article for Tale of Ginji in the 12/1987 issue of Newtype. Tale of Ginji is an animated adaptation of Murasaki Shikibu’s eleventh century epic Genji Monogatari (The Tale of Genji), which is considered by many to be the world’s first novel.

1. Genji, GENJI. gEnji.

2. Stay tuned, followers. Stay tuned.

…And I drew some romantic poets.
Where is the fandom for these guys? They were hilariously dysfunctional. Except for Keats. Keats was just sad.

Attempting to learn visual storytelling.

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Quick doodle of Kenichi to say thank you to F-man for helping me shovel my money to AnimeSols.

Scribbles made to practise value and shading. Coloured via overlay.

This experiment in shading had me up until 2 am.

Cyborg morning routines


Takemiya Keiko draws fanart of Tezuka Osamu, Ishinomori Shotaro, Yokoyama Mitsuteru, and Chiba Tetsuya

bonus 009:

More fanart by Takemiya-sama.

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Sooo I am flipping the the Archaia comic of 009 and I noticed this. (Dr Gilmore seems to be an apple devotee)

Albert with an ipad. Machine-gun hand and ipad.

From the look on his face, he seems to be failing. (Maybe he shoukd ask Gilmore for a stylus implant)

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Attempt at landscape practise with added Joe. Didn’t think it came out too shabby.

This is Ashita No Joe. It stars the eponymous Joe, of “JOEEEE!!!!” fame, who starts out as a juvenile delinquent and develops over the course of the series into a cute boxer. Starting in 1968, the series is heavily influenced by Japanese post-war society, which I hope to write further on once I get further/finish the manga.

On another note, this series features cat fights extraordinaire, since Joe’s favorite method of solving a problem appears to consist of removing his shirt and applying his fists directly to the problem. The art is slightly bara and not really drawn for fan-service, so those looking for willowy bishounen might be dissapointed.

The other side of Frozen

I know a lot of people are pissed at the lack of POC in Frozen, and don’t seem overtly invested in Disney’s upcoming feature film, which seems to have a main character who is somehow magically not white, despite the film taking place in what seems to be Polynesia.

Anyway, the big problem seems to be Kristoff. Kristoff’s name is a mystery to me. Now, I haven’t been to Norway in a while, but being half Norwegian half Swede, I have grown up with children’s books and the like, and I have never ever heard of a Norwegian/Swedish dude named “Kristoff” who wasn’t a funny German stereotype. We say “Kristoffer” usually.

The issue appears to be that he is not Samii, despite dressing as such. I agree that Disney missed some really cool shit by not having Samii in the movie. I really, really think it would have been awesome of Disney did add that alongside the baby steps to feminism that they seem to be taking.

And I’d like to point out the following:

This movie is probably the first children’s media outside of Scandinavias’ paltry budget that acknowledges Scandinavian culture and aesthetics. Remember the first Kim Possible film and how Norway was in it? That’s Scandinavia on TV. Either we are nonexistent, confused with Switzerland, or a fucking joke, because durr-hurr it’s cold up north haha. To adults it’s funny, because (I only knows Swedes, Norway might get a little more pissed due to nationalism) hey, Sweden does suck. And it’s really cld and we’re rural and faaaaar away from everything LOL.

For kids, it’s basically saying that their country, location, and culture are not interesting, important, or notable in any way, except HAHA ITS COLD.

So please, while you hate on Frozen, remember that it’s a chance for Scandinavian kids to feel that their own culture is awesome and valid and totally worthy of fairy-tale stuff, because generally, little shits are given about Scandinavia in kids media.

Migrating my artwork


Because I’m going to draw stuff a lot, I need a new blog to accommodate this. I use this blog for old manga stuff and I will post art for old manga and maybe books on it, but most of my art will go a new blog.

So if you want to see my other drawings, pass me a note/ask and I’ll give ya the address.

Reason for not putting it here is because people I know IRL know this blog about me, and I like keeping my fannish squee private and apart from serious writing.

So if you don’t know me IRL, go ahead and ask. If you do know me IRL and I rarely squee over shit with you, I might not want to show that side of myself to you. If we do know each other IRL and bond over fandom stuff(SnK, Tezuka, 009, Persona, ETC), go ahead and ask!

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ok you need to fucking stop dickriding prince hans from frozen because hes the biggest piece of shit human being well not really human being because hes a cartoon that ive ever seen in a disney film EVER!!!!!

you hans lovers are the cancer of the internet and are the cancer of the disney and are…

…I know that this is not remotely relevant to anything on this blog, but it needs to be here because it made me laugh to the point where I woke up my housemate.

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